The AITIA Family Institute (AFI) is a dream come true for its Chairman and Founder Mr. Frederick Chavalit Tsao.  Coming from a big family with a long history in family business, Mr. Tsao understands the importance of family relationship in shaping the development of individuals and is a strong believer of the systemic perspective.  For many years,  he has been actively searching for comprehensive approaches actualize his vision to promote family health as well as harmony of the larger eco-system.  After years of in-depth conversations with Dr. Wai Yung Lee, he has invited her to develop a center of excellence through its leadership in practice, research and training on family dynamics and relational training in China and beyond.  AFI is the result of such collaboration.

Mr. Tsao is also the Chairman of IMC Pan Asia Alliance since 1995. He is the fourth generation to start his maritime career when he joined his family business at twenty years old.  He ventured out on his own while serving IMC Group of Companies, which roots can be traced to 1906.  He started several companies, listed and then de-listed two companies, and successfully revolutionized a bankrupt Thai national shipping line. At the age of 37, he took over the helm from his father, Mr. Tan Sri Frank Tsao. 
Under his stewardship, he restructured the traditional shipping company into a global enterprise with diverse business interests in more than 16 countries.  Today, IMC Pan Asia Alliance (IMC PAA) has interests in four strategic business areas: IMC Industrial, an integrated industrial supply chain group; Octave Living, a sustainable lifestyle concept; Heritas Capital Management, an investment and fund management group; and East West, the philanthropic and social impact branch of the business promoting harmonious society and the positive business roles.    
Mr. Tsao believes that the current practice of capitalism does not fully reflect the intent of Adam Smith, said to be the father of modern capitalism, and that enlightened self-interest is core (or central) to healthy development of Capitalism. He has termed this, “Consciousness Capitalism.”
Mr. Tsao is also a Board Member of Family Business Network – International and Family Business Foundation. He founded Family Business Network Asia, a regional chapter of Family Business Network International to promote sustainable family businesses. He believes that the family business can make a difference in the society's business evolution given its focus on sustainability.